If the excuse not to embark on a space trip is how to have a drink in the middle of the stratosphere, your problem is solved. The SpaceGlass of Ballantine’s is the first glass that allows you to drink this liquid revered by millions of followers, in microgravity conditions. It is a prototype designed and tested in the ZARM Drop Tower in Bremen, Germany, and ensures drinking whiskey and keeping it in optimal conditions in the space.

SpaceGlass is a glass of glass with a convex base integrated by a spiral and a gold plate, creating surface tension so that the whiskey stays in the bottom of the glass. There is a propeller and a small canal that runs down the side of the vessel connected to this reservoir, to bring the liquid to the nozzle made ​​of pink gold. There is another nozzle inserted into the bottom of the glass and through a check valve at the base of the glass, the problem of the waste of liquid in microgravity conditions is solved. This allows the whiskey to flow perfectly from the glass bottle of Ballantine’s to the glass without spilling a drop.

“This glass is not only innovative – resolving fundamental scientific questions of how liquids move in zero gravity – but it is also beautifully designed to follow the exact ritual of whiskey and the way of drinking it” said Peter Moore, Global Director of Ballantine’s.

Gold is widely used in space technology because it diverts the solar radiation, and in this case its properties help to prevent the change in the taste of whiskey. The pink gold color is also a reminiscence of the copper used in the whiskey distillation process, as the one used to give the characteristic flavor of Ballantine’s. James Parr, of the Open Space Agency, led the design and manufacture of SpaceGlass. Thus, Parr announces a new era in the spatial design.