Richard Mille presents its new collection: the Tourbillon RM 69 Érotique, a model that, as its name indicates, invites to discover hidden secrets. Conceived in fun key, this piece of fine watch making will delight its owners, who will enjoy writing evocative phrases of desire .

The erotic watch is part of the history of watch making. The watchmakers of yesteryear were inspired by the debauched life and reproduced suggestive scenes with mechanical media.

Moral, religious and political authorities often considered these objects contrary to conservative values, so they were requisitioned and banned. Like in all forbidden relationships, in which the desire is consumed away from indiscreet eyes, these kinds of complications have survived to this day hidden inside some models.

The opposite happens in the RM 69: the words express, very clearly, love and eroticism. Away from the scenes of automata, this model exploits the desire to openly express passion, sensuality and even sexuality.

The bridges and the plate of the hand cord tourbillion caliber are made of titanium grade 5. Designed in collaboration with Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi, this movement with 505 components and 41 rubies is extremely compact due to its unique design in two superimposed planes (Duoplan) which permit to align the tourbillion and the barrel on the same axis. Enhanced by impressive bridges, the cage of the tourbillion, which operates at a frequency of 3 Hz, catches the eye, like the barrel.

The aesthetic waste of the caliber is evident in its magnificent finishes: circular graining, chamfered, spectacular polishing associated with PVD coatings, blasting , satin, etc. Coupled to a planetary gear, the indicator at 4 hours measures the power reserve, which extends to 69 hours. This exceptional durability is achieved by a single barrel, a feat result of the efforts of the Swiss house to achieve the maximum efficiency in this unique movement. The RM 69 allows its owner to enjoy the new complication of Richard Mille: Oracle, a mechanism that drives the rotation of three runners of titanium grade 5, engraved as Tibetan prayer mills and forming sentences at random. The mechanism is activated by pressing the button located at 10 and shows unequivocally the wishes of the owner.

To facilitate readability, the engineers’ authors of the movement have conceived a mechanism that allows the separation of the needles from the watch. If the button located at 8 is pressed, the needles disappear, so that the runners are well in sight. When you release the button, the needles automatically redial the time.

The RM69 caliber enjoys the protection afforded by a box of three parts made ​​of titanium grade 5. It is a box of large dimensions (50.00 x 42.70 x 16.15 mm), but with the ergonomics and comfort typical of Richard Mille. Its tightness is guaranteed up to 50 meters by twenty Spline screws, also of titanium, with which it is sealed.

The RM 69 Érotique is a tribute to the history of watch making and to the creativity of the old masters. This edition, limited to 30 units, will be sold exclusively in the 24 stores that Richard Mille has around the world.