The American actor and producer Robert de Niro delighted all with his presence at the official opening of the largest Nobu restaurant in the world in the Four Seasons Hotel of Doha. The Academy Award winning actor and Chef Nobu Matsuhisa hosted a traditional Japanese sake ceremony, known as Kagami Biraki, with an original taiko drum show. The performers were the life of the event captivating the public with their expression of music and filled the atmosphere with dazzling rhythms and amazing sounds.

The event gathered both fans of the Nobu’s cuisine and of the renowned actor in a spectacular and unique venue, a perfect combination that lead to a successful unforgettable night for everyone. The exquisite Nobu cuisine fascinated its guests with its variety and delicacy and the combination of flavors and colors made each bite a pleasure. The pass-around dinner was combined with Nobu signature cocktails, Rosé champagne, wines, liquors and the best sake long throughout the night. The global feeling was international and glamorous, the elite guests could enjoy the one and only “Night with Nobu and de Niro” surrounded by a great view and the impeccable service of a five star venue.

The restaurant, located at the beautiful marina of the Four Seasons hotel is a contemporary 2.415 square-meter building surrounded by the sea. The design of Nobu Doha is a combination of round shapes from the outside to the inside; the circular building embraces different rooms and levels in a perfect setting that evolves into round and oval forms at every turn. The spherical lamps hang from the ceiling completing a sophisticated decoration made with great taste, and the spiral stairway starts from the ground level and ends in an amazing roof top terrace; which definitely is by far the best located terrace in town. The interior is a fusion of open spaces; the lounges and bars merge with the dining room and the terraces, giving rise to a feeling of different atmospheres in one place.

For an instant, Doha competed with the top cities of the world to have its moment of glory, in a private exclusive event like no other before in this city. Nobu is an exceptional venue made to satisfy the most demanding palates and sybarites of the gastronomic scene.

Let’s all welcome Nobu Doha!