“I will give you the stars, but you have insisted on a pair of shoes”

Roberto Fontanarrosa

It could be the title of another erotic novel, but no. Pleasure and pain is a curious exhibition of shoes with which to delight in The Victoria and Albert Museum -V & A-, or what is the same: National Museum of Art and Design in London.

Until january 31, 2016 you can enjoy this unique sample consisting of over 200 pairs of shoes with history, more contemporary and other futuristic styles.

And it is that shoes not only have differentiated and identified us throughout history and although times have changed, they are still an unmistakable symbol of power. Do not forget that since antiquity, only the most powerful wore shoes. There are places where it still happens. Not using shoes should be an option and not an obligation, although I admit that sometimes, there is no greater pleasure than taking them off and walking barefooted.

As main characters of great stories, objects of worship, symbols of power, seduction or fetishism, trendsetters or the story of Cinderella. They can be what you want. Shoes have raised passions and obsessions alike. They will continue to do so. The fact is that for many shoes you have, that will never be enough. That is what many women think, and also many men. It’s that simple, that complex. For those who lurk remorse, at least at some moment … Open the closet: if that pair of shoes makes you smile, surely, it was worth it.